East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

Natural Beauty of East Winds Inn

St. Lucia is home to a fascinating botanical display of colours and scents. A relaxing walk around the East Winds Inn property will tantalize each one of your senses with an unforgettable tropical experience.

The Flamboyant Room at East Winds Inn is named after the stunning Royal Poinciana, also known as the Flamboyant Tree. Often described as "the most colourful tree in the world," the Flamboyant Tree has bright green foliage bursting with large, fiery-red flowers. The heliconia is another common sight in St. Lucia , commonly referred to as the "Lobster Plant" because of its claw-like petals that are splashed with vibrant red and yellow. Bougainvillea flowers grow in brilliant colours around almost every corner and famous tropical flowers such as the hibiscus and the bird of paradise can also be seen nestled into the gardens at East Winds Inn.

Situated on a coastal beach of sparkling azure water, East Winds Inn rests in a lush environment that can only be found on the vibrant island of St. Lucia . Our property is surrounded by a unique blend of over 100 different species of exotic flora that produce intoxicating tropical sights and scents. Simply open the window of your superior or deluxe garden cottage at East Winds Inn, and be whisked away into this picture-perfect floral escape.

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Chaine des Rotisseurs

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