East Winds Inn - a Boutique Caribbean Resort, St Lucia

Simply Beautiful St Lucia

St. Lucia is a part of the Caribbean's Lesser Antilles and is located north to northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, northwest of Barbados, and south of Martinique.

Its lush green landscape, diverse culture and delicious multicultural cuisines are just some of the unique factors that set St. Lucia apart from all other islands in the Caribbean archipelago. Nowhere else in the world can one drive through a volcano, bathe in its hot therapeutic springs and climb the majestic twin peaks of the renowned Pitons.

Explore the beauty of the tropical rainforest on land or enjoy leisurely snorkeling along the coast of this island paradise covered with colorful coral reef and sea life.

When you've booked an all-inclusive vacation with East Winds Inn in Saint Lucia, the possibilities are truly endless. Apart from this boutique resort living up to the reputation of an exclusive-inclusive eco-friendly resort, the last thing you will be left wondering is how you're going to occupy your time here.

Visitors to this tropical island can enjoy the many water adventures of the refreshing Caribbean Sea, such as deep sea diving, fishing or snorkeling and other water sports. On-land adventures would include a challenging hike to the peak of the Pitons, zip-lining through the rainforest or driving around this 238 square-mile tropical haven, visiting the many fishing villages, meeting the beautiful personalities that make this island every bit of a heaven on earth, and learning about some of St. Lucia's unique history.

At East Winds Inn, guests can indulge in wonderful cuisines prepared by the resort's multi-award-winning international and local chefs. The menu is changed daily, so guests never get to experience the same dish twice unless requested and all meals are prepared with fresh local ingredients. Romantic couples can savor the beauty of the setting sun over a glass of fine wine or relax on the white sand of the pristine La Brelotte Bay under the night sky for an intimate beach experience.

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